Momentum Construction follows a comprehensive and client-focused approach to ensure each project’s success, starting with the ‘Discovery’ stage. This initial phase includes a discovery meeting to understand your vision, defining the project’s parameters, and a bid meeting to outline the project’s scope and costs. Next, in the ‘Design’ stage – whether you bring your own design or collaborate with our team – our skilled architects and designers work closely with you to turn your dream into a tangible plan. The ‘Planning’ stage involves selecting finishes, finalizing the construction agreement, applying for necessary permits, and introducing you to our BuilderTrend portal for seamless project tracking.

As we move into the ‘Production’ stage, our focus shifts to executing the project with an emphasis on livable remodeling, adhering to efficient schedules, meticulous project management, and delivering excellent craftsmanship, all while conducting regular financial reviews to ensure transparency and budget adherence. Finally, the ‘Warranties’ stage underscores our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This includes a one-year warranty, a comprehensive walk-through, a lifetime warranty on craftsmanship, and support with manufacturers’ warranties, ensuring peace of mind and lasting satisfaction with your project.

Our proven processes are a key element behind delivering a finished product that blows you away.