Momentum follows a comprehensive and client-focused approach to ensure each project’s success. All projects from large to small require big decisions. We strive to make things less stressful and less overwhelming by guiding you through each step with care and professionalism. In the end, the 4-stage process produces projects that are better organized, accurately priced, efficiently scheduled and with minimized surprises. Remodeling your home should be an exciting and fun experience, but too many individuals have bad experiences with a lack of design, planning and communication. The Momentum process has proven to add value to all of our clients in a number of ways.

Please review the process below to help you make a more informed decision of how to move forward with your remodeling project.


  • Contact: We review every inquiry in detail to ensure we understand the basics of the project. The best way to move forward is by filling out the “Contact Us” form. But you are also welcome to call or email.
  • Initial Phone Call: After receiving your inquiry, the next step is to simply have a conversation. Our Sales Manager, Adam Zylka, will schedule and conduct a short phone conversation regarding your potential project. After learning your wants, needs, goals and dreams, we will schedule an in-home consultation.
  • In-home Consultation: Adam will visit your home to learn more about the project and see the space. We will continue our discussion about the space being remodeled and review your wants and needs. We won’t get into small details, but we will talk about your vision on a higher level. Adam will also gather dimensions and ask a lot of questions. At the conclusion of this meeting, we are able to provide a FREE Project Analysis.
  • Project Analysis: Our analysis provided during this early stages includes a range in cost that we estimate is needing to invest in order to accomplish the project. The cost range is based on similar projects of size, scope and type, along with our experience and historical data.  We leverage our wealth of experience to advise you and guide the project towards a successful project.
Begins with a Conversation


  • PHASE ONE – Discovery Meeting: The Momentum Design Team will meet with you at your home to discuss your project goals, what’s working for you (and what’s not!), take all relevant measurements and photos, and get a true sense of your style and your home. Please be prepared to share any inspiration photos you may have at this phase, or just leave it up to us! We will then create an Initial Design Mood based on all we learned at our Discovery Meeting. This will provide clear project goals and set the interior aesthetic for us to design from.
  • PHASE TWO – Concept: Upon your review and approval of the Initial Design Mood, we will move forward with the Conceptual Phase. Floor plans will be reviewed together to ensure all project goals and expectations have been met. Material, lighting, and plumbing selections will be presented during this phase, all drawing back to the Initial Design Mood. The goal for the end of this phase is to have most selections made to ensure accurate bids.
  • PHASE THREE – Schematic: Upon approval of Concept Plans and Selections, Momentum will further the design plans and create an Estimate Set. We will then conduct a Trade Day at your home. The meeting will be attended by key members of the Momentum team, trade partners, and vendors. All attendees will review the design, details, scope of work and end the meeting with a clear understanding of the project. Trades then submit their bids for the project so we can provide you with a final price for your renovation.
  • PHASE FOUR – Design Development: Based on any new information we learn at the Trade Day and during the Bidding Phase, any necessary design revisions will be made, and drawings will be carefully detailed for Permit and Construction. Any outstanding selections must be made at this time!
  • PHASE FIVE – Construction Agreement:  At the conclusion of the design process.  We will now have a Construction Agreement ready to present to you.  We carefully review the agreement to ensure all parties understand the documents.  Once agreed upon, we are ready to move into the project planning.
Develop a Project Design


  • Permits: Momentum will apply and obtain all necessary permits based on your local municipality requirements.
  • Project Portal: Momentum utilizes a cloud-based construction project management software called Job Tread, to organize all aspects of your project, big or small. You will receive your own login and password to access your project’s customized portal.
  • Pre-Construction Meeting: This step in the process is the official hand-off from the design team to our production team. The meeting is conducted in your home. We review with you a list of important items including home access, pet requirements, dumpster location, dust control and much more. It is also another opportunity for our team to collaborate on location before the demo begins.
Finalizing the Construction Agreement


  • Livable Remodel: We go to great lengths to protect your home with dust barriers, HEPA air scrubbers and floor protection.
  • Efficient Schedules: We develop, share and maintain an accurate construction schedule within your Job Tread Portal.
  • Management: You are assigned a project manager who oversees all aspects of the project construction. The project manager is supported by the entire staff to make the project successful.  This includes continued involvement of the Design Team.
  • Craftsmanship: We employ and subcontract highly skilled craftsmen to perform all construction tasks. Our production team is constantly monitoring the quality of your project to ensure maximum satisfaction and our high standards.
  • Financials: Within your Job Tread portal, we track the finances accurately and in real time. You have access to see the project finances on your phone, tablet or PC clearly.
  • Project Completion: Momentum has developed and implemented a detailed and organized process to finish the project strong. An end of project walk-thru with our production manager, project manager and client review the project in detail. The fit and finish of the project is reviewed. At this time, we create an official end of project punch list that is agreed upon and completed in a timely manner. At the completion of the punch list, the project is officially completed and now in the warranty phase.
Momentum Construction comprehensive home remodel process

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